Terms of Use & Services

Internet is not bound to countries and physical boundaries. It has it’s own ETIQUETTE’S and PRIVACY of ELECTRONIC MAIL. Anyone who is trying to SEND UNSOLICITED MAIL in India or abroad is TRYING TO INVADE PRIVACY, which directly violates our policy.

When clients disseminate information through the Internet, they also must keep in mind that we do not review, edit, censor or take responsibility for any information our clients may create. This places on clients what will be, for most, an unfamiliar responsibility. When users place information on the Internet, they have the same liability as other authors for copyright infringement, defamation and other harmful speech. Also, because the information they create is carried over our facilities and may reach a large number of people, including both clients and non-clients of ours, clients’ postings to the Internet may affect other clients and may harm our goodwill, business reputation and operations.

For these reasons, clients violate our policy and the Services Agreement when they, their affiliates or subsidiaries engage in the following activities:

Spamming: Customer Spamming Policy - KRISH INFOSYS has zero tolerance for spam originating from our clients, or from our clients’ clients, or for spam advertising web sites of our clients or our clients’ clients.

Copyright Violation: Violation of copyrights held by individuals and corporations or other entities can result in civil and criminal liability for the infringe, and can involve the WHP in litigation and possible loss of reputation.

Distribution and/or Transmission of Obscene or Indecent Speech or Materials

Violation of indecency and obscenity laws can result in criminal penalties. Defamation - Defamatory speech distributed over the Internet can result in civil liability for the defamer and litigation against the WHP whose facilities were used to distribute the defamatory material.

Illegal/Unauthorized Access to Other Computers or Networks

The illegal or unauthorized accessing (often known as “hacking”) of computers or networks carries potential civil and criminal penalties under both federal laws and the laws of most states.

Distribution of Internet Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses and Other Destructive Activities

Distribution of Internet viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other destructive activities, such as hacking, can result in serious civil and or criminal liability under federal and state law.

Export Control Violations

The law limits the ability of persons to export encryption software, over the Internet or otherwise, to points outside the United States.

Bandwidth & Utilization

The Company provides the space and transfer limitations in good faith to our Customers so that they may create their Websites without the fear of running over their Web traffic allocation. While most Customers will use the space and traffic for their legitimate Web site needs, we recognize that others may try to take advantage of our offer and use the space and traffic in ways for which it is not intended. In the best interests of our Customers and in an effort to maintain the integrity of our service the Company may take whatever steps necessary to provide its services, and to provide for the enjoyment of such services by all of the Company clients, and to ensure that certain clients do not utilize services to the detriment of other clients. Customers with Websites who seek to take advantage of the Company unlimited storage or traffic plan in any other way, will, at the discretion of the Company, have their sites canceled and/or removed from the servers. The Company will be the sole and final arbiter as to Websites or usages of resources that constitute violation or intent to violate our policies.

Other Activities

Whether lawful or unlawful, that we determine to be harmful to our clients, operations or reputation, including any activities that restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying the service or the Internet. Also any acts by anyone in a bid to harass or defame the Company may result in legal action, compensation charges or a combination thereof. The Company will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of this policy.

As we have pointed out, the responsibility for avoiding the harmful activities just described rests primarily with the client. We will not, as an ordinary practice, monitor the communications of our clients to ensure that they comply with our policy or applicable law. When we become aware of harmful communications, however, we may take any of a variety of actions. We may remove information that violates our policies, implement screening software designed to block offending transmissions, or take any other action we deem appropriate, including termination of a client’s contract with us.

Finally, we wish to emphasize that in signing the Services Agreement, clients indemnify us for any violation of the client of the Services Agreement, or of law or corporate policies, that results in loss to us or the bringing of any claim against us. This means that if we are sued because of activities of the client that violate any law, the Services Agreement or this policy (which is part of the Services Agreement), the client will pay any damages awarded against us, plus costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees.

Any attempt to undermine or cause harm to the Company server or another client’s Web presence is strictly prohibited. Any violation of the above Terms of Service will result in grounds for account termination, with no refunds given; the Company reserves the right to remove any account without prior notice. Violation of any of the above Terms of Service may result in legal action, service charges or a combination thereof. We reserve the right to permanently discontinue service at any time, without notice, should you be found in violation of our aforementioned terms and conditions.

Additionally, should you be found to be in violation of any agreements currently in place and/or any of the above Terms or our policy, we reserve the right to permanently terminate your service without refund. If you have any complaints or doubts or concerns or questions, please email us contact us and we will try our VERY BEST to help you.